3x30 Yoga Class Schedules & Descriptions

Classes are based on experience with yoga and/or other group exercise programs:
Classes are listed loosely in order of difficulty. Note that the difficulty fluctuates slightly based on the skill of students in class and the instructors style/class plan that day.  
Yoga Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)  - Some effects of this class are: increased oxygen intake, slower heartbeats, lowered blood pressure, and improved digestion system. When both physical and mental tensions are removed, the individual becomes serene and dynamic. The energy within the body also becomes active.

The quality of the life depends on the quality of the breath. In this 55 minute class we will practice the art of breath and improve our lungs capacity while walking through different Pranayama Techniques applied in sitting, kneeling, supine, and facedown yoga postures. As the lung capacity and breath control develops, we will also go into special bandha and mudra techniques. We will finish the class with a breath awareness exercise.

Restorative - All Levels Welcome This practice, which follows the Hatha tradition of Yoga, focuses on improving your posture after a long work week. Enjoy the weekend again as we Move, Release tension, Relax and Improve Sleep. This class incorporates breath-work to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing our inner awareness, and emphasizing a non-judgmental loving approach to caring for our bodies. A gentle warm up followed by isolated relaxed stretches targeting key muscles in your hips, lower back, shoulders, and legs.
Beginner YogaAll that you need for this class is an interest in improving your body, mind, or health. Dress for sockless comfort and ease of movement on your mat. It’s just you, your mat, a water bottle and a mat towel. We sell excellent Jade mats and Yogi Toes towels for both heavy and light sweat yoga. In fact, we have everything you need to express your inner yogi! Don’t worry, top of the line rental mats for just $2. You don’t have to be super fit, or already on an all-organic diet.
Slow Flow / Hatha Class - Chill, relaxing, slower paced and beginner friendly. Come receive healing if you are feeling tired, sore, stressed, or depressed. This class is sure to uplift and set you up for a great night's sleep!
AcroFlow Yoga Jam - This practices brings together acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. No experience is required. No partner is required. This class meets outdoors (if you are facing the building, go to the far left of the building and you will see a fenced green). Enjoy the sunshine, sunset, and cool breeze while discovering the fastest growing practice sweeping California! Some basic fitness experience is recommended. A $10 Donation is greatly appreciated to keep this class going. Thank you
All Levels Yoga - These classes are accessible to all levels! Lots of options to take the intensity up a notch, when you are ready. This is a fun, energetic class. Leave feeling Comfortable and Confident in your body, as you learn and expand your yoga practice!
Ashtanga Vinyasa - Experience the amazing HEALING benefits of having your own flow ~ with an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice!
We recommend that you take at least 1 beginner level classes beforehand. This class will focus on increasing your comfort and strength in some of the major poses of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:
  • Downward-facing dog
  • Upward-facing dog
  • Chaturanga Dandasana
  • Virabhadrasana (Warrior) 1&2
  • Shoulder-stand and Headstand!

Intermediate Ashtanga - This is not your first time exercising; you have taken at least 3 beginner-level classes and are ready to deepen the journey into understanding your mind/body connection.

physically and proud of yourself, knowing that you made actual progress toward your goals. The class focuses on strong foundation building, building comfort and ease in Sury Namascara A & B, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, and the primary series through a modern compassionate approach to the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga of Mysore, India.

You will leave feeling strengthened
Intermediate to Advanced Previous Yoga experience is strongly recommended. Come looking for a challenging powerful, detoxing, energizing and invigorating class. Options are provided for those working their way up to this level.

Yoga Your Way

Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Yin, Corefusion, Sculpt 1.5, Power Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga -- the list goes on and on. There is good reason for the yoga community to be confused about what kind of yoga classes to take and what is "best" for them.

While the various styles practiced today differ in their focus they all derive from the same tradition. The sequence, pace, and concentration of classes vary widely even within particular styles. Instructors often develop their own delivery over time, some more light-hearted and playful, others more serious and meditative.

A yoga practice differs from other forms of physical activity in that it is meant to free up the body's tension to more easily achieve a relaxed, meditative state. A good yoga practice cultivates awareness ~ of your body and mind, movement and stillness, breath and sensation.

Whether someone benefits more from a heated class, a flow class, or one that requires holding poses for 3-5 minutes will largely be a matter of preference and intention. How you feel during and after a yoga class is one way of determining whether the class and instructor are a good fit for you.
One of my favorite Daniel Hickman quotes sums it up nicely, "There is no one way to yoga, there are numerous ways, and the best way is to find your way."


Welcome to 3x30 Yoga in Irvine, CA!

Class Pricing

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  • Drop-In/Single Class Only: $16

    NEW STUDENT SPECIAL:1 Month Unlimited Yoga $40  


  • 5-Class Package: $75
  • 10-Class Package $140
  • 20-Class Package: $240 (Save $80)
  • NEW! Autopay Monthly Unlimited: $150*
  • NEW! 3 Classes per week for 1 month (12Classes Total) $90
  • 6-Month Unlimited: $840
  • 1-Year Unlimited: $1595
  • Drop-In/Single Class: $13
  • 5-Class Package: $60
  • 10-Class Package: $110
  • 20-Class Package: $200